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If I buy a certain model of chairs or tables for my restaurant terrace for this season, will the same material be available next year, if I want to increase my number of covers for example? You have recently started in the future sector of catering, you may just want to expand your restaurant or you simply want to order furniture for a party or any event having held every year and in these cases you are worried that you will not be able to recommend next season

Are the table tops easy to clean?

Have you recently held a reception, a neighborhood party with neighbors or maybe a wedding or are you planning to have one but you don't know how to make your tables attractive, original and unique? The solution is simple: cover your tables with a slipcover or tablecloth. Indeed, they add a touch of charm, set you apart from others and show that you have good taste!

 What do you recommend as chairs that will stay outside year round?

Are you starting out in the restaurant business and, to your delight, have a terrace for your restaurant that you plan to equip with chairs or umbrellas? You do not know which model of chairs to choose that would last for several years? You do not know the legislation in force which affects this subject? In that case, let us teach you all these details which will be of crucial importance to you so that afterwards you do not make any mistakes. and ecology

What is EuroMobi doing to preserve the environment? Regarding materials, transport reforestation ...

What type of chair to choose for an outdoor wedding?

In order to have a successful marriage and one of the best and most memorable memories of your life, everything has to be perfect on D-Day. This especially applies to anything related to decoration. This is why we offer you, at the best quality / price ratio, a very wide range of chairs suitable for both outdoor and indoor weddings.

 In which case to use a rectangular table and in which case to use a round table?

Generation X, Y and Z, now is the time for weddings and other various events such as events, the launch of your business (for example a brewery), the inheritance of a property that you want to redecorate or just a little party at home or elsewhere during the weekend. But, to impress your guests or just show that you have good taste, you will need to choose the right decoration. However, a dilemma arises: do you know when to choose a round table or a rectangular table? If the answer is unfortunately not familiar to you, let us guide you in your choice.

 I do snacks, what do you recommend as tables and chairs for my terrace?

Are you starting out in small catering or are you looking to expand your already existing business but you don't know which tables and chairs to buy and how to differentiate all the products that the merchants offer you? You don't know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different products? In that case, let me introduce you to our different products.